Our Certified Clinical Graphology (CG) Practitioners are independent practitioners who have successfully completed all required training certifications, CG-specific workshops and internships, ethics, HIPAA, and the like. While we cannot guarantee the guarantee the competency of a CG practitioner, they are listed on this site because these individuals have met certain standards above and beyond the Basic and Advanced Trainings and Workshops. In addition, CG practitioners have signed a contract with us to conduct themselves with the highest of integrity, and in a way that honors them and the individuals work with, as well as the clients they serve. 

While individuals completing the the intensive CG training are encouraged to use their new skills with themselves and others, there is much more to learn about the CG process than can only gained through continuing education, required workshops, and in the field with their clients. However, all CG practitioners have access to a higher level of support and guidance on an ongoing basis. If you seek a specific CG Practitioner by name, and she or he is no longer listed on this site, that means they are no longer in good standing. While we cannot provide details as to why, you may opt to contact us to double-check their current status. 

Users of our CG practitioners expressly agree that services rendered are at their own sole risk. The listings of CG practitioners are as a professional courtesy to individuals looking to implement CG into their lives. Be advised that CG practitioners are not authorized to teach or certify anyone else on how to become CG practitioners. Certification classes are only provided by the Founder of the CG unless otherwise noted on this website. 

Clinical Graphology, Inc. (CGI) makes no warranty or claims that the services will meet the user's requirements or expectations, nor does CGI make any warranty, or guarantee as to the accuracy or reliability of any information provided about the CG practitioners posted on this website, or information obtained through other people, websites, or services. Therefore CGI is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages resulting from the use or the inability of the CG practitioner's services.

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