Since it's birth in 1987, the "Journey Fund" has helped pay for therapy all around the world. Whether for a 7-year-old boy deemed to be behaviorally "out of control", a 12-year-old girl being bullied in school, a 25-year-old woman trying to heal from childhood trauma, or a 35-year-old military veteran battling with PTSD. Maybe the therapy was for a 47-year-old man trying to beat addictions, a 58-year-old woman dealing with an adult child who failed to launch, a 65-year-old man going through a divorce, a 77-year-old woman being verbally abused by a cruel adult child, a 90-year-old man dealing with grief, or anyone in between... 

The "Journey Fund" receives income from private donors and public agencies of which 100% goes into the fund. Additionally, when a new client comes aboard and pays for their own journey, 25% of their payment goes into the "Journey Fund".

To-date, our "Journey Fund" has helped thousands of people around the world, age 7 - 99 who, for various reasons, were unlikely to ever have received proper mental health assistance on their own.

  • Would you like to start your own "Clinical Graphology Journey"?
  • Financially struggling?
  • Apply for assistance from the "Journey Fund" today.

Note: "Journey Fund" does not pay for 100% of the program because we believe that without personal investment, many do not follow-through. However, "Journey Fund" will pay for 25% of the cost. We offer payment plans to cover the balance.

Please make a DONATION into the "Journey Fund" - the next person who applies may be your loved one. We would hate to tell them no funds are available. YOU can help make the difference for someone struggling right now.

Contact us with questions, to make a donation, or to apply for funding. 























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